Service Design 2011

When & Where

Conference date

3 May 2011


L'Aqua, Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia

Steve Baty & Donna SpencerThe crowd

Service Design 2011 was a single day, single track conference, all about designing services for people and organisations. It was held on 3 May 2011, in Sydney, Australia.

The conference included eight fantastic talks on service design, from practitioners, on issues they’ve experienced first hand.

Presentations & audio

Presentations and audio are available for the presentations where speakers have sent slides (a couple are missing).

What is service design?

Service design is, as the title suggests, the design of services that are to be used by people.

Service design is a design practice focused on the design of the interactions people have with organisations – individually and as a system – to create a service. Services, and service design projects, will often incorporate some type of physical or digital product, but are broader than the product itself.

As a design discipline, many of the methods and approaches of service design are similar to those used in other design disciplines such as product design, and will be familiar to people working in all areas of design. The distinctive feature of service design is it’s focus on the holistic service.

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Service Design 2012

We haven’t yet decided whether to run this conference again next year, or whether to run a similarly structured (single-day, single-stream) conference on a different topic. Subscribe to conference announcements and we’ll let you know.