Service Design 2011

Service Design 2011

The conference included eight fantastic talks on service design, from practitioners, on issues they've experienced first hand.

Presentations & audio

Presentations for the conference are included on individual presentation pages.

Creating better places to be

Both urban design and sustainability are about creating better places to be. What role can service design play in supporting these practices? There are already many examples of service design projects delivering sustainability outcomes, particularly in community and health. Despite this Service Design Thinking is not yet widely in evidence as an explicit approach in […]

Creating better places to be - includes slides and audio

Designers on the inside

After spending many years consulting to corporations, Opher Yom-Tov will share his recent perspectives designing from inside a service organization. Previously at IDEO in Silicon Valley and Shanghai, Opher now leads an internal service design and innovation effort at BT Financial Group (the wealth management arm of Westpac). His team has two objectives: to participate […]

Designers on the inside - includes slides and audio

Designing the ultimate retail service experience

Richard Beaumont talks through designing customer-winning service points into physical spaces. What are the consideration of where, what and how to make them deliver a truly differentiated brand experience. From the right service proposition, planning and layout, type of design, best practice for selling at service points through to ideas on how to make them […]

Designing the ultimate retail service experience

In the service of…

Service Design is about more than systems and touch-points. It is about understanding human experience and creating the pathways people take through life. By thinking about service design as establishing design principles and creating experience pathways, and putting that into dialogue with an organisation’s strategy, design moves itself beyond answering the questions of how technical […]

In the service of… - includes slides and audio

Mapping a service

Service design cannot be practiced to its fullest extent without the capability of capturing and expressing what a service is. In addition to capturing the core processes and logistics of service delivery, such as touchpoints, roles, contexts and purposes, we also need to capture the inherent qualities of the service experience, from both a customer […]

Mapping a service - includes slides and audio

Service design for corporates vs NGOs – is there a difference?

NGOs and companies have a lot in common, but they think they are very different. In some cases they absolutely are and in some cases they are not. We have worked with several NGOs and several corporations and realised that each service design projects needed differing approaches and ways of thinking. We found similarities in […]

Service design for corporates vs NGOs – is there a difference? - includes slides and audio

Service design on a shoestring

In organisations large and small, technology underpins the majority of customer service interactions. Whether it’s a digital cash register, or a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, customer-facing staff use information systems to support their workflow. Larger organisations have a wider variety of old and new systems, and the more of a mess it becomes. Making […]

Service design on a shoestring - includes slides and audio

The four contexts of service design

Before the detailed design of a complex service concept starts, there are four pieces of context that need to be established: The strategic context (why are we doing what we’re doing?) The business context (what are we changing?) The user context (who are we developing the service for?) The capability context (what skills do we […]

The four contexts of service design - includes slides and audio